Swait Arch is a consultancy organization established in 1988, providing comprehensive services in the field of Architectural design, Planning and Interior decoration works. It consists of a complimentary design team capable of providing above range of services.

The core members of SWAIT ARCH have several years of varied experience in the design, detailing and execution.
The various works include group housing scheme, commercial and institutional complexes, hospitals and health centers, industrial-building residences etc.
The core members earlier worked under the title  Kanwar Hari Singh Architects.

Lt. Kanwar Hari Singh was associate with Kothari Associates since 1950-2014. Along with third generation of Kothari family, also was principle in the organization.

J.P.Singh Engaged in architecture & related activities since 1975.

  • Having completed projects in Delhi NCR, Haryana, Punjab, U.P & Rajasthan.
  • Bachelors in architecture from “School of Planning and Architecture” Delhi.

Kanwar Sanjay Singh associated with Swait Arch since 1988. while working since he has Designed and execute various numbers of project like restaurants, Schools, residential projects & commercial offices etc.