Site Analysis and Selection

Site analysis is a vital step in the design process. It involves the evaluation of an existing or potential site in relation to the development program,environmental impact, impacts on the community and adjacent proper-ties, project budget, and schedule. The site analysis identifies environmental, program, and development constraints and opportunities. A well executed site analysis forms the essential foundation for a cost-effective, environmentally sensitive, and rational approach to project development.In recent years parking requirements have become a key issue in site feasibility analysis and the site planning process for many projects in urban and suburban areas throughout the world..Site analyses vary greatly depending on the owner’s situation, the project size, pro-gram complexity, and the site. One client may have defined a building program and be in search of a site. Another may have selected a site and be interested in fitting a development program to it. Yet another may have both site and program in hand and be seeking the most efficient, economical, and environmentally sensitive approach to site development.